Reflexion Digital is a small graphic design company based in Gilbert, Arizona. It is comprised of 2 highly experienced and motivated graphic designers, each with their own set of skills that when put together is the perfect complement which allows us to deliver outstanding work to clients all around the globe.
Our main priority is your success -- with almost two decades in the design field including a B.S. in graphic design from California State University, Sacramento, we've both had the opportunity to work on many projects in the United States and in Europe. 
Designing logos, updating and converting corporate brochures to various languages, creating and managing product catalogs, white papers, technical sheets, interactive PDFs, ebooks, packaging labels, mobile apps, trade-show banners, logos, ads (for both print and web use), converting PDF files to inDesign… and the list goes on. 
If you have a complex project or a more simple but immediate need, we are here to assist you. Our focus is to offer clients exceptional work in a timely manner, with the hope of building a fruitful and long-term professional relationship with each client we have the privilege of working with.
Feel free to reach out to us for any of your design needs! :)